Why You Should Go to Tegallalang Rice Terrace During Ubud Bike Tour

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A lot of Ubud bike tour usually includes Tegallalang rice terrace as one of the destinations in their route. This show that a lot of people actually request to go to the rice terrace as this place is really unique. But some of you might wonder the reason why you should go to the rice terrace during the tour. Here are some of the rice terrace charms that makes everyone love to visit it.

Why You Should Go to Rice Terrace on Your Ubud Bike Tour

Unique landscape

One point that makes Tegallalang rice terrace different is the unique landscape. Here you will find rice field on hills carved in steps that spread along the skyline. This makes the landscape very unique and amazing and makes it almost appear like a giant green stairway.

World heritage

The rice terrace in Tegallalang has been around since a long time ago. It is so unique and different from any other rice field. The sceneries are not the only thing that makes it unique but also the calming atmosphere and the people around the village. This is the reason why UNESCO also consider it as world heritage.

Easy to reach

Tegallalang rice terrace location can be reach easily from Ubud. It is only 8km from Ubud center so you can ride your bike there. What makes it even more fun is, around the route you will also find beautiful sceneries that are as amazing as the rice terrace. This will surely complete the Ubud bike tour experience.

Easy to explore

Now, you might not think about it, but you can actually explore the rice terrace. Just go down to the rice terrace and walk along the rice field. It is the best feeling that you cannot get anywhere else. You can walk around the river to get the complete experience and explore all nook and cranny that the rice terrace has to over.

Ubud swing

Tegallalang rice terrace is where the famous Ubud swings located. If you are not afraid of height, try to challenge yourself to go to one of the swings during the Ubud bike tour. You will be able to experience what it feels like to swing from the trees on top of the rice terrace. Do not forget to take amazing picture that you can share in your Instagram.

Take a sip of the most expensive coffee in the world

After enjoying the rice terrace, you can stop by at Bali Pulina one of the best Luwak coffee producer in Bali. You can see how the coffee is produced and taking a few sip in the middle of the plantation while surrounded by all of the coffee trees.

Those are a few things that you can see and get when visiting the rice terrace. Surely you now know the reason why you should go to Tegallalang rice terrace on your Ubud bike tour. If you are interested, you can book the tour with eBikes Bali that provides a few routes to choose.